Greek lemon Roasted Half Chicken -  basmati rice with toasted almonds, tahini, harissa, tabouleh salad 27$

Kofta Burger 8oz - swiss cheese, harissa, Mediterranean relish, seasoned fries 18$ 

Adobo Fried Chicken – egg and vegetable fried rice 27$

Greek Mousaka-layered ground beef, roasted eggplant, potato, and bechamel oven-baked  22$

Grilled Salmon (fresh 8oz)- Moroccan rub, citrus beet salsa, basmati rice, spinach, harissa 29$

Sea bass oven-roasted Greek-style Plaki with summer vegetables 28$

Filipino BBQ Baby back ribs- egg and vegetable fried rice, citrus coleslaw 32$ half rack/54$ full

Greek-style rack of lamb (half 4 pcs/ or full 8pcs) with feta oregano fries, spinach, and garlic sauce 36$ half/54$ full

Spanish style pasta with shrimp and mussels 26$