Greek Plate- Two Skewers Chicken breast or beef strip loin or beef                                    kebabs, feta oregano fries, greek salad, pita 24$

      The below-listed plates are all served with hummus, basmati rice with               toasted almonds, quinoa tabouleh salad,tahini and pita

                  Chicken Shawarma- tzatziki 21$

                 Beef shawarma- tzatziki 23$

                 Beef and chicken shawarma combo-tzatziki 24$

                 Saffron chicken- harissa 21$

                 Fresh herb falafel 6pcs (vegan) 18$

       Harissa roasted cauliflower with chipotle hummus (vegan) 18$

      Moroccan rub shrimp 8pcs- cilantro jalapeno hummus, garlic sauce 24$

       Surf and Turf-Moroccan rub shrimp, sirloin beef shawarma, cilantro                                   jalapeno, and regular hummus and garlic sauce 25$